Quite obsessed with Kieren Walker

(aka Luke Newberry)  I can't stop thinking about his little puppy face!!!  Argh!!  

Why?  Why is your puppy face so adorbs??

Why?  Why is your puppy face so adorbs??

If I haven't already obsessed at you...  This is my little chibi doodle of Kieren Walker who is the protagonist of the BBC show In The Flesh.  As you may have surmised from his creeper-eyes (of adorableness) he is of the "zombie" type. 

But don't judge the mini-series by its cover.  At the heart of it, the story and the show goes beyond the grave (ha~) and it really focuses on Kieren's experience as a Partially Deceased Syndrome (PDS) sufferer who is trying to integrate back into his small town.  Unlike other "zombie" tropes, this show is quiet, introspective, and really tells more about the human condition and how we react to the "other".  

Argh!! I love it so much...

Ok bye!