It's a new day + month + theme!

Hello world~ It's a new month (eep! AUGUST?!) and the beginning of something new.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've been (fairly) good at posting a drawing a day! It's not much, but I'm actually quite proud of this...  Unfortunately, July got the better of me.  But I think it was for the best.  I'm feeling rested and ready to get that daily drawing habit back up and running!

The last daily draw I completed was the month of June, and that one was immensely fun!  I also was quite proud of how the whole set looked.  I smell a little book in the works. ;) 


August is shaping up to be a busy one as well as I prep for Long Beach Comic Con!  It will be at the Long Beach Convention Center September 2-3.  I'm gonna try my darn-toot'n-est to get some new prints and originals ready for you guys!  

And if you swing by my Instagram, I'm starting a new ~witchy~ theme this month in preparation for the Mega Mini Monster Mash Gallery at the Fan*Alley Artist Lodge on October 2nd!! I want to keep challenging myself to expand and grow as an artist so I'll be using this opportunity to push my creativity. *success pose!*

Day 1 of my #MyEnchantedAugust daily draw theme!

Day 1 of my #MyEnchantedAugust daily draw theme!

And just around the corner from that is Designer Con in November!! *phew* I always felt like I worked best under pressure, so there's no shortage here. 

Oh, and if you can't make it to an event... I have also re-opened my online shop! (GASP! I KNOW!!)  It's currently home to just a few select prints, but I'm hoping to add a few more bits and bobs as soon as I figure out how to manage shipping. ;P Let me know if there's something you'd like to see in the shop!  I also have a lot of grandiose ideas for other types of merch, so stay tuned for that announcement! 

Thanks for reading! (。♥‿♥。)

SOOONNNNN... Booth # 1010

T-Minus 6 days until DesignerCon!!!  I am a little bit giggly... a little bit wide-eyed... and a little bit sweaty. :P  But mostly, I'm quite excited to be able to showcase some pieces and sell some art!  

I've also set up my very own online store for the first time EVERRR!!!  Please check it out for a sneak peek of what I'll have at the con.  

Thanks to the magic of SQUARE, I will be able to sell prints and originals very very very soon!  The storefront is ready and viewable, but won't be officially open until after Designer Con, so stay tuned!  

We are at booth 1010!!!

We are at booth 1010!!!

Diana and I will be towards the back of the hall (booth # 1010).  Hope to see some of y'all there!

xoxo // grace