Galleries, Conventions, and an Artist Call! Oh My!

This past weekend's Mega Mini Monster Mash Gallery event was a success!! Thanks so much to all the folks who stopped by the gallery! It was really awesome to see friends and meet new faces. :)  And I can finally share the full preview of my two lovely witchies! 

La Lune + Le Soleil

La Lune + Le Soleil

Coming up next is Designer Con in Pasadena!  I've got some new cutie Voltron stickers and new greeting cards in progress. Along with more art, of course! You can see a sneak peek of the stickers on my Instagram here.

And then... I've lined up another awesome gallery event in December!! Ornamental Oddities curated by Marissa of HumAlong Productions and hosted by Fan*Alley! And great news, ARTIST APPLICATIONS FOR THE GALLERY ARE OPEN!!! Please email your portfolio, or website that has your artwork on it, to


Hey! It's Update Time!

Hello blogosphere~ Is that still a thing?  What are the kids saying these days?  (insert grandma emoji here.)

Anyway, as the title says it's update time!  I've been trying to change and streamline my website and print branding for a little while now and I've been slowly making updates here and there!  I like to keep the website a bit more minimal and let my art and design work speak for itself, but the portfolio pieces will slowly but surely be getting a makeover too. 

In other news, I've got my 4 major events set for the year with (hopefully) a few more smaller things in between.  So here's where I'll be for the next few months.  I hope to see some familiar faces and maybe meet a few new ones!  I'll try my best to have a lot of new art and merch and some other fun goodies.  (Success Pose!)

2017 events! :D

2017 events! :D


Girl POW-er!

Hello friends!  I'm so excited to announce a new project I'm involved in! Her-POW! New Adventures of Vintage Comic Book Heroines!

It is a crowd-funding campaign via Seed & Spark to get some wonderful vintage FEMALE heroes to star in their own short films.  In the golden and silver age of comics (1940s-1950s) these bad-ass ladies headlined their own comic strips.  Here's a bit about the project:

Thanks to the internet, many of these strips can now be found online. And thanks to many of these characters falling into the public domain, these amazing heroines can now return for new adventures!
Of the over 75 characters we identified in the public domain, our writers chose three for our first round of filmmaking. They are: The Woman in Red, The Veiled Avenger, and Ghost Woman. (We will share more about each of these characters in updates as this campaign progresses.)
Each of these fantastic heroines will be the star of a short film, which will serve as either a proof of concept for a feature, or the pilot of a webseries. These shorts will be uploaded to the internet for public consumption as soon as they are finished, so we can spread the word and share the love.
The Veiled Avenger (aka Ginny Spears)

The Veiled Avenger (aka Ginny Spears)

Vicarious Films is asking for your help to see their vision come alive!  And here's where I come in!  One of the incentives for backing the project will be a new original illustration of the Veiled Avenger by yours truly. (insert gif of my shoulder shimmy here)  Or if you are so inclined, there are several other fab female illustrators on their line-up!  

I really hope you're able to support this project if not through backing, then spreading the word would be greatly appreciated!  If things go SUPER (wink) there may even be a second print run down the line! 

Hey it's Update Time!

Hello Blogosphere!  So many things have happened in the past couple of months & especially the past few weeks! ⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒

First off, I just came back from a EuroTrip like 4 days ago. I feel really lucky to be able to travel and have these great experiences.  It was so much fun, and I can already tell I'll be reliving the whole thing through my photos.  ⊂((・▽・))⊃

I didn't get a chance to post about it much here, but I attended and tabled at my first ever Long Beach Comic Con this past weekend!!!!!  If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a few updates and needless to say, I had a FANTASTIC first time.  In fact, I had SUCH a great first experience that I'll be there again next year!! YAAASSSSS!!!!! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ 

No lie though, I'm pretty sure I fell asleep with my eyes closed during the few quiet moments.  Hahahaha...  I was super jet-lagged after arriving home just 1.5 days before the event, but seeing familiar faces and positive reactions from people enjoying my artwork was a super energy boost like no other.  

Day 1 at my table! 

Day 1 at my table! 

Not only was LBCC a lot of fun, but it was also a great learning experience.  I'll be making a few changes to my setup and also trying to better manage my online store.  It is currently empty and ready for an overhaul, but hopefully I'll get it back up and running soon.  

Some mini originals I painted on-site.  I'll be putting the bottom 3 and a few more in my store soon! SOOOONNNN!!!

Some mini originals I painted on-site.  I'll be putting the bottom 3 and a few more in my store soon! SOOOONNNN!!!

In other news, I can't say enough good things about the stickers I got from StickerMule.  They were a pretty big hit and the quality is just top notch.  If anyone out there is looking to get some made, I highly recommend them. ;) 

One last thing, I've made a Facebook page specifically for my art stuff!  I'll be posting sneak peeks, event updates, and a few little surprise goodies here and there.  It'd be great if you could swing by and hit the like button. ;)

Phew!  That was a lot of words to go through.  Thanks for reading and see you all in November for Designer Con!


In the spirit of Thanksgiving... And promoting an attitude of gratitude all around... I would like to say thank you to everyone who stopped by our Designer Con booth this past weekend!  It was a great experience, and I'm pumped to create more things and try my hand at more shows and cons and festivals! 

And as an added bonus, my online store is officially up and running!  For those who could not make it out, there are a few prints listed, and I'll be updating the store with some original art in the next few days. :)

Thanks again and I hope everyone's holiday season is off to a great start.  

Full Speed Ahead!

Goth BFFs [ Wednesday + Lydia ]

Goth BFFs [ Wednesday + Lydia ]

Hey internet...  I realize I never posted the full view of my Fan*Ey pack submission, so here it is!  Just in time for Halloween. ;)  Fan*Alley even has a few extra mini prints left if you're interested.  Only $2 a piece! :)  

I will also be selling limited quantities in a larger size at Designer Con so be on the lookout for that!  

If you don't recognize them, shame on you! Just kidding... You're probably just not old enough to remember.  It is Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family, and Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice!

And speaking of Fan*Alley, the Famous Cat Gallery is still going on and will be up for viewing until Thursday, October 15!  So if you're in the area, make sure to check it out.  There are a bunch of awesome pieces still for sale as well as prints! Support local artists! DOOO IIIIITTTT!!!  

And if you're not following me on Instagram, here's the full preview of my contribution titled "You Mei Not".  That's not a misspelled word.  The younger sister's name from My Neighbor Totoro is "Mei"... and since she's a Grumpy Cat Bus, she has refused to let Mei on to ride!!!  Eh? Ehhh???  No? Okay... LOL...  

In any case, I'm quite happy with how it turned out.  Because if you know me at all, you know I can't decide on things, so I mashed them together, so I'm pleased it turned out as well as it did.  

Grumpy Cat Bus!

Grumpy Cat Bus!

Designer Con preparations are well underway, and while I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, I have awesome people supporting me, and I know everything will work itself out in the end.  :) 

Fan*ey Packs! Cats! And Cons!

Oh My! (This is said with a George Takei voice, BTW)  So many things in the works! So excited! Exclamation point! 

Sneak Peek! :)

Sneak Peek! :)

Here's a little rundown of what's coming up!

September 22 - Fan*ey Packs are rolling out!  

I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in this month's Fan*ey pack from one of my favorite places...  Fan*Alley!  I'm so excited!!  The theme this month is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  And it was so much fun to create new and exclusive things for it!  Sign-ups are still open, but there are only a few more boxes left!  Sign up HERE to pre-order!

This is just a placeholder cat.  Submission sneak peeks to come!

This is just a placeholder cat.  Submission sneak peeks to come!

October 3 - aka CATober/Famous Cat Gallery! 

And to continue this theme of awesomeness... I'll be participating in a gallery/event dedicated to our lovely feline friends.  The Famous Cat Gallery opens from 12pm - 9pm on Caturday, October 3rd at Fan*Alley!  And their shop neighbor Tin & Velvet will be holding a fun event as well! Check out their Instagram page for more updates.  

November 21, 22 - Designer*Con!!!!

If you haven't already heard... Designer*Con is coming up again this November!  It will be held at the Pasadena Convention Center November 21-22!!!  My awesome friend Diana and I have a ton of ideas in the works.  Plans are being made.  Maniacal laughter is ensuing.  Good times all around!  The "official" facebook invite is COMING SOOOONNNNN... 


Diana and Grace at Designer*Con 2015!  

Diana and Grace at Designer*Con 2015!  

Long time coming

I've finally added a few new art pieces to the gallery.  I don't know why it takes me so long to update... =___=...  I'm surprised everyday by just being able to post regularly on Instagram.  It must be the convenience of my phone... which is permanently attached to my hand.

Years of Dreams || Rain or Shine || Dame de Chat

Years of Dreams || Rain or Shine || Dame de Chat

I'm also doing some research into selling some originals and prints... The internet is a wonderful and overwhelming place to get lost in.  

Etsy, storenvy, Society6, redbubble... o___O  Choices!  My ultimate weakness!!  


Happy (relatively) New Year friends! :P  

The ending of a year usually fills me with a bit of ennui, but 2014 was surprisingly different.  I'm not sure if it's the result of getting older, but this year end was full of acceptance and contentment.  Maybe it's the prospect that tabula rasa of the new year or the fact that I've got a few art-related things already on the horizon, but I have a positive vibe going into 2015.  

I usually stress about resolutions...  it's hard not to fall into the hype, but I think I just have a few (albeit fairly important) simple goals this year...

Be Brave.  Make Mistakes.  Start Again. 


If you follow me on Instagram, I've posted about having some shows lined up in the next few weeks.  I'm obviously nervous, but excited!

I feel so lucky to be asked to be in another great group show at A LITTLE KNOWN SHOP in Anaheim.  It's definitely become one of my favorite spots ever (in life!!).  

The show is a Tribute to Don Bluth and is being curated by the lovely ladies of 2 Sketchy Dames and Jesse Greenberg.  The gallery opens on Saturday January 24 at 6pm!  I don't think I'll ever be not nervous before a show, but I am feeling slightly more prepared for this one!  I think... :P  

Here's a little sneak peek of my piece:

Sorry for the janky watermark... :|  You just never know!

Sorry for the janky watermark... :|  You just never know!

I used to love watching Anastasia... Who am I kidding?  I still love watching Anastasia!  I used to have the VHS.  Yes, VHS.  Legit.

I've also been selected to showcase my work at PRESENT hosted by RAW Orange County on Friday, February 6th from 6pm -10pm at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana!  It's my first time working with them, and while I'm intimidated to be showing amongst such talented individuals, I'm also quite humbled to be considered one of their peers.  :)  

I'm a featured artist at PRESENT hosted by RAW Orange County.  Click through to purchase tickets!

I'm a featured artist at PRESENT hosted by RAW Orange County.  Click through to purchase tickets!

The lineup is pretty impressive with musical acts, spoken word performances and even a fashion show at the end of the night!  If you'd like to support me, please purchase a ticket on my RAW profile page.   Tickets are $15 and each ticket sold helps to cover my participation costs.  I appreciate all of you and I certainly hope to see some familiar faces there!  I'll be posting some progress in the next couple of weeks!

Cheers!  And here's to a spectacular 2015!!!