Here we go...

I'm happy to announce that I'll be tabling at a few events in the coming months!  (insert awkward happy dance here).  I'll post more details as the dates approach, but here are a few links for more info!

Cosplay Expo by Fan*Alley
*Not sure if this date is finalized... But will update as soon as I can. :)
@ The Odd Fellows Lodge in Anaheim
Tickets start at $10 ($15 if you want to attend panels)

Art Crawl Experience
Free! It's an art walk located in Downtown Anaheim

Long Beach Comic Con
Tickets go on sale March 28! 

Designer Con

The end of 2016 is shaping up to be a busy one. I'll be honest... I'm feeling a little out of my element, but I think it's pushing me in a good direction.  And hopefully it's an ongoing momentum. 

*success pose*


Hello? It's me... Have you wondered after all these months, of what you used to see? 

Art, that is...  And a lack of it!  That's definitely my bad.  I've definitely missed my personal posting schedule, but I want to look at it as a lesson learned.  I think I work better on a daily doodle schedule and will continue that from now on. 

I will still continue to post more finished illustrations, but I will post them a bit more sporadically.  I think my self-imposed weekly timeline was doing more harm than good and got me down more often than not.  

With that in mind, here's a piece called Gemini.  Because nothing explains my restless, impulsive, indecision better than my zodiac sign. ;P 

And also... you know... boobs.  

And also... you know... boobs.  

I made a promise to myself to draw more this year, and to also put more effort in those pieces.  So here's to that!

Gossamer Thoughts

I feel my thoughts have been insubstantial as of late.  I'm not quite sure which direction to go, and I'm surprised that it hasn't spiraled out of control.  I usually like structure, and schedules, and having a plan of action.  And having a contingency plan if that fails.  I tend to overthink... And worry about overthinking... Which makes me sooooo indecisive about my art.  

Honestly, this week's theme had stumped me until about 5 hours ago.  My husband suggested "Imagination".  What a wonderful and daunting word to visualize.  But in the end, what felt right was something more organic and cathartic with a few colors, a series of blended textures and a simple silhouette.

Gossamer Thoughts

Gossamer Thoughts

The Best Laid Plans

We are 10 days into the new year, and 2016 has already taught me a valuable lesson.  Sometimes the best thing to do when you're stuck is to just start over.  I've seen the "new year, new me" meme floating around, and I know I'm part of that crowd.  But I can't help but like the idea of a clean slate and a clear "start" to something new.  Except, somehow, it's always been a difficult concept for me artwork-wise.

My main art resolution was to focus on finishing illustrations, and instead of posting a daily doodle, that I'd try for a more polished piece per week.  And let's just say that the struggle is real.  I feel like I have been so far removed from the illustration side of things (gallery pieces not-withstanding), that I'm still trying to find my groove to get back on the regular side of an art routine.

This is what a contrived idea looks like people.  I'm hoping to learn to recognize this for what it is so that I may avoid it in future projects.  (Or at least learn to maneuver around the humps.)

This is what a contrived idea looks like people.  I'm hoping to learn to recognize this for what it is so that I may avoid it in future projects.  (Or at least learn to maneuver around the humps.)

I found myself forcing an idea into fruition, and it just was not happening.  Evidenced above by my 4 attempts at formulating this sketch into something resembling the idea in my head... and failing.  Not to say that failure is a bad thing.  I'm still trying to get the hang of it as a potential lesson to learn from and not a detrimental foe to be rendered immobile by.  

So with that in mind, here's the first official "art" post of the year!  She's nowhere near perfect.  And even as I tried to finish strong, the ink gods were against me.  (Hello, I see you giant blobs... You are bright and shiny and fat.)  But I'm happy with where she's at for now.  I've accepted her as is, and she'll do for a "first step."  

That Cheshire cat is a smart cookie.  Every adventure requires a first step.

That Cheshire cat is a smart cookie.  Every adventure requires a first step.

Analogy very much intended. ;)


In the spirit of Thanksgiving... And promoting an attitude of gratitude all around... I would like to say thank you to everyone who stopped by our Designer Con booth this past weekend!  It was a great experience, and I'm pumped to create more things and try my hand at more shows and cons and festivals! 

And as an added bonus, my online store is officially up and running!  For those who could not make it out, there are a few prints listed, and I'll be updating the store with some original art in the next few days. :)

Thanks again and I hope everyone's holiday season is off to a great start.  

SOOONNNNN... Booth # 1010

T-Minus 6 days until DesignerCon!!!  I am a little bit giggly... a little bit wide-eyed... and a little bit sweaty. :P  But mostly, I'm quite excited to be able to showcase some pieces and sell some art!  

I've also set up my very own online store for the first time EVERRR!!!  Please check it out for a sneak peek of what I'll have at the con.  

Thanks to the magic of SQUARE, I will be able to sell prints and originals very very very soon!  The storefront is ready and viewable, but won't be officially open until after Designer Con, so stay tuned!  

We are at booth 1010!!!

We are at booth 1010!!!

Diana and I will be towards the back of the hall (booth # 1010).  Hope to see some of y'all there!

xoxo // grace

Full Speed Ahead!

Goth BFFs [ Wednesday + Lydia ]

Goth BFFs [ Wednesday + Lydia ]

Hey internet...  I realize I never posted the full view of my Fan*Ey pack submission, so here it is!  Just in time for Halloween. ;)  Fan*Alley even has a few extra mini prints left if you're interested.  Only $2 a piece! :)  

I will also be selling limited quantities in a larger size at Designer Con so be on the lookout for that!  

If you don't recognize them, shame on you! Just kidding... You're probably just not old enough to remember.  It is Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family, and Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice!

And speaking of Fan*Alley, the Famous Cat Gallery is still going on and will be up for viewing until Thursday, October 15!  So if you're in the area, make sure to check it out.  There are a bunch of awesome pieces still for sale as well as prints! Support local artists! DOOO IIIIITTTT!!!  

And if you're not following me on Instagram, here's the full preview of my contribution titled "You Mei Not".  That's not a misspelled word.  The younger sister's name from My Neighbor Totoro is "Mei"... and since she's a Grumpy Cat Bus, she has refused to let Mei on to ride!!!  Eh? Ehhh???  No? Okay... LOL...  

In any case, I'm quite happy with how it turned out.  Because if you know me at all, you know I can't decide on things, so I mashed them together, so I'm pleased it turned out as well as it did.  

Grumpy Cat Bus!

Grumpy Cat Bus!

Designer Con preparations are well underway, and while I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, I have awesome people supporting me, and I know everything will work itself out in the end.  :) 

Fan*ey Packs! Cats! And Cons!

Oh My! (This is said with a George Takei voice, BTW)  So many things in the works! So excited! Exclamation point! 

Sneak Peek! :)

Sneak Peek! :)

Here's a little rundown of what's coming up!

September 22 - Fan*ey Packs are rolling out!  

I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in this month's Fan*ey pack from one of my favorite places...  Fan*Alley!  I'm so excited!!  The theme this month is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  And it was so much fun to create new and exclusive things for it!  Sign-ups are still open, but there are only a few more boxes left!  Sign up HERE to pre-order!

This is just a placeholder cat.  Submission sneak peeks to come!

This is just a placeholder cat.  Submission sneak peeks to come!

October 3 - aka CATober/Famous Cat Gallery! 

And to continue this theme of awesomeness... I'll be participating in a gallery/event dedicated to our lovely feline friends.  The Famous Cat Gallery opens from 12pm - 9pm on Caturday, October 3rd at Fan*Alley!  And their shop neighbor Tin & Velvet will be holding a fun event as well! Check out their Instagram page for more updates.  

November 21, 22 - Designer*Con!!!!

If you haven't already heard... Designer*Con is coming up again this November!  It will be held at the Pasadena Convention Center November 21-22!!!  My awesome friend Diana and I have a ton of ideas in the works.  Plans are being made.  Maniacal laughter is ensuing.  Good times all around!  The "official" facebook invite is COMING SOOOONNNNN... 


Diana and Grace at Designer*Con 2015!  

Diana and Grace at Designer*Con 2015!  

It's (a)LIVE!!

Yay!  The new site is up!! *happy dance~ happy dance*

If you know me at all, you know I've gone back and forth about changing anything on this site.  But I think it's come together nicely.  Squarespace is ever so helpful in making updates a breeze.  I'm sure it doesn't look like much has changed, but I've toiled over quite a few things.  And if you notice in the upper navigation... There is an additional link to my first online store! *extra happy dance!*

I've set up shop on SOCIETY6!!!

I've decided to make my Alice prints open edition and they're now available on Society6!!!  I'll be uploading more pieces slowly but surely, but I wanted to make sure it was up and running to coincide with version 2.0 of!  I will be adding a couple of my July Jewels pieces, and any suggestions would be fab!  I always appreciate your feedback and would love to make my art available as prints and eventually as other goods as well.  

Ahh... I feel renewed and re-energized!  I'm feeling good about August you guys... And the rest of the year's looking mighty shiny too!   

In other news... I will be setting up shop at DESIGNER*CON this November! 

My awesomesauce friend Diana and I will be sharing a booth at Designer*Con!  It will be held on November 21 - 22 at the Pasadena Convention Center!!  Stay tuned for a Facebook invite and some promo pieces coming soon!!!  


Hello lovely internet people!  I know the blog has been quiet for a long time... But there are some (big?!) changes coming soon!  

July has been an amazing month full of changes for me, and I'm so excited to be able to share with you all what's in store... (hint... cough... hint...)  

If you're following me on Instagram, I'm sure I've bombarded you with my daily drawings.  But hopefully you're enjoying them even just a bit. ;)  Changes to the site are also underway.  I've consolidated a few things, added a few things, spruced up the logo, and hopefully the updated work will speak for itself.  

I'm figuring out how to streamline my posting and that should happen in the next few weeks...

There is also a big(-ish) announcement coming soon!  Fun things are percolating, and I'm as giddy as can be.  

A little bonus post... I submitted this fanart piece to the Inside Out Tumblr...  And while it didn't make the cut, I thought it was pretty darn cute.   

Inside Out fanart!  Featuring Rorschach, me, and Sadness

Inside Out fanart!  Featuring Rorschach, me, and Sadness