Hello? It's me... Have you wondered after all these months, of what you used to see? 

Art, that is...  And a lack of it!  That's definitely my bad.  I've definitely missed my personal posting schedule, but I want to look at it as a lesson learned.  I think I work better on a daily doodle schedule and will continue that from now on. 

I will still continue to post more finished illustrations, but I will post them a bit more sporadically.  I think my self-imposed weekly timeline was doing more harm than good and got me down more often than not.  

With that in mind, here's a piece called Gemini.  Because nothing explains my restless, impulsive, indecision better than my zodiac sign. ;P 

And also... you know... boobs.  

And also... you know... boobs.  

I made a promise to myself to draw more this year, and to also put more effort in those pieces.  So here's to that!