Hello lovely internet people!  I know the blog has been quiet for a long time... But there are some (big?!) changes coming soon!  

July has been an amazing month full of changes for me, and I'm so excited to be able to share with you all what's in store... (hint... cough... hint...)  

If you're following me on Instagram, I'm sure I've bombarded you with my daily drawings.  But hopefully you're enjoying them even just a bit. ;)  Changes to the site are also underway.  I've consolidated a few things, added a few things, spruced up the logo, and hopefully the updated work will speak for itself.  

I'm figuring out how to streamline my posting and that should happen in the next few weeks...

There is also a big(-ish) announcement coming soon!  Fun things are percolating, and I'm as giddy as can be.  

A little bonus post... I submitted this fanart piece to the Inside Out Tumblr...  And while it didn't make the cut, I thought it was pretty darn cute.   

Inside Out fanart!  Featuring Rorschach, me, and Sadness

Inside Out fanart!  Featuring Rorschach, me, and Sadness