Well now...

There is a Firefly + Serenity Tribute show happening on July 12.  It is moderated by 2 Sketchy Dames, and will be held at Community in Anaheim.  More info on their event page.  

I'm excited not only for the theme and event, but also because I've actually made things and submitted them! (insert evil laughter here).  This is pretty monumental for me because as evidenced by this blog, I've been in hermit mode for a while...  

My 2 concept sketches || wash + dino || ceiling river

My 2 concept sketches || wash + dino || ceiling river

Anyway, I submitted these 2 concept sketches which will hopefully be part of their art deck and another full-size piece for the gallery.  I'm really hoping to be part of the artist line-up... And I also hope that the finished product will look half as decent as I picture it in my head.  

(● ̄(エ) ̄●)  P.S. Looks like they're still taking some submissions for the art deck! Check out their facebook page for more info!